Enabling XML-RPC on a WordPress 2.6 and Later Blog

If your blog runs WordPress 2.6 or later, you must explicitly enable the XML-RPC remote publishing interface, otherwise AMA won’t be able to publish to your site.

Log in to your blog with the admin account, and go to Settings, and then Writing.

Check the box next to “XML-RPC” on the Writing options page, and save the settings.

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4 Responses to “Enabling XML-RPC on a WordPress 2.6 and Later Blog”

  1. beyond Says:

    Thanks for that tip, Spend 10 minutes looking for that setting before I gave up and googled it… found it on the 3rd search result…. nice.

  2. ADE Says:

    very nice post, thxu i found the xml-rpc tutorial within

  3. Rohan Says:

    Thnx for the easy tip!
    I was getting trouble when using LIVE writer!

  4. CPnieuws Says:

    Ah, thanks! That worked.

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